New Feature: NetSwap runs a Windows VM for ShadowProtect!

New Feature: NetSwap runs a Windows VM for ShadowProtect

NetSwaps can run VMs now.  Feature to be used with Windows and ShadowProtect Image Manager software.  

Rather subdued in our previous NS600 product announcement was the fact that the NS600 had the ability to run a VM.  This is a bit of an understatement.  It actually has the ability to run more than one VM simultaneously.  In fact to be fair, it’s not just the NS600 that has this ability but rather a different version of the NetSwap 2.14 firmware that has this ability.

But what makes the NS600 offering special is that we have prepared an optional (purchased separately) VM “Utility OS” which is an installation of Windows Essentials designed to run ShadowProtect’s Image Manager software.  The purpose of this is to allow a NetSwap which is running the Utility OS, to receive Shadowprotect incrementals and consolidate and verify those images. Multiple backup images may be held on the NS600 and the single SP Image Manager software can maintain them all.

NetSwap VM enabled firmware should be able to run most VMs that can run on the XEN VM platform which supports file disk image formats RAW, VHD, VHDX, VMDK, VDI and ISO*.

For more information about the NS600 with Utility OS, contact High-Rely Sales. 
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