New Product: NetSwap NS-600 6 bay 2U NAS

New Product: NetSwap NS600 6 bay NAS

Our NetSwap WITHOUT our Highly-Removable Drives. 

We are pleased to announce the NetSwap  NS600 to our NetSwap product family.  With the recent update of Cloud-friendly NetSwap version 2.14 firmware bringing the ability run Virtual Machines (optional Utility OS), new RAID types (N-Way, 5, 6, 10) and the addition of the new NetSwap Dashboard software, many customers have sought the advantages of the NetSwap platform now without the use of our Highly-Removable Drives at every installation.  For example, sites where smaller NetSwaps are replicating over the internet to a central location, have created a desire for a higher storage density rack tennant for a lower price on the NetSwap platform.

The NetSwap NS600 embodies these desires, stylishly.  First, a capacity of up to 48TB in a 2U Rack.  Second, an MSRP of $1,799.   When equipped with four off-the shelf 4TB HDDs, the total system cost is about $450 less expensive than an equally equipped NetSwap 400.  Also, the NS600 can go up to 48TB whereas the NC-400 is limited to 32TB presently.  The NS600’s service bays are easier to install dealer or end-user supplied hard drives allowing for quick changes in capacity or performance as the need arises without the need for tools or any disassembly

The NetSwap NS600 makes an economical and flexible target for replication jobs from other NetSwaps. The whole system can be easily managed with the new NetSwap Dashboard (free) as seen below.

Besides allowing for control and batch operations of remote firmware upgrades, configuration backup and restores, and statuses, the NetSwap dashboard can also congregate errors from all the NetSwaps and place them in the Windows event log for easy viewing as well as making them easily accessible to most RMM tools.


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