New Sports Headphones ARCTIC P324 BT (Gen 2)


Washable & sweat resistant: The P324 BT (Gen 2) does everything

For real power in sports you need music. The P324 BT (Gen 2) Bluetooth headset gives you the necessary motivation and accompanies its wearer even through sweat-inducing workouts.

If you are jogging on the beach or exercising in the gym – ultra light and equipped with a comfortable neckband the P324 BT (Gen 2) ensures you the perfect fit. Without compromises the sports Bluetooth headset does everything and gives ultimate mobility.

Smaller contaminations and even heavy perspiration cannot adversely affect the Bluetooth headset. The exchangeable ear pads can be easily washed and are just as new after cleaning.

In addition to these practical features you don’t have to make any cutbacks in the sound quality that exceeds expectation within this price range.

Through the foldable headband the stylish headset goes comfortably along everywhere and with 20 hours of battery life it is ready even for the greatest challenges.

The P324 BT (Gen 2) is now available at ARCTIC for a MSRP of 34.99 USD as well as inter alia at Amazon.
QUICK FACTS P324 BT Sports headphones

    Extra lightweight on-ear design with removable and washable ear pads
    Built-in microphone
    20 hours of playback time
    Foldable design for safe and space efficient transport in a chic hard case


Forget the world around you for a moment – with headphones from ARCTIC. From an insider tip for computer professionals the company has developed over the years to a provider of lifestyle products also and broadened its portfolio massively with high-quality audio devices. The Mission: With the competence of an unique expert knowledge of 15 years (PC) noise minimization not only provide recovery from the daily din but also set new sound highlights. As musical companion and fashion statement in one ARCTIC headphones perfectly fit every lifestyle – for fitness, leisure or gaming. Swiss values such as precision and innovation ARCTIC is already obliged by its origin and thereby reaches fans of great sound from more then 45 countries around the world.

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