Noctua Reassures Skylake Processor Safety With SecuFirm2

Noctua Reassures Skylake Processor Safety With SecuFirm2

December 8, 2015 – We at ProClockers have asked Noctua’s response regarding the awareness of CPU cooler mounting pressure damage on Skylake processors that are arising today. Noctua has given us a statement of reassurance today as stated below:

Our SecuFirm2 mounting systems undergo comprehensive compatibility tests before being approved for new platforms. We have neither detected any problem with regard to the Intel LGA 1151 platform (“Skylake”) during these tests nor have we received any reports from our customers, sales partners and system integrators that would indicate any possible issue. Our SecuFirm2 mounting systems (with the exception of some compact L-type models) rely on coil springs to create the required contact pressure, which gives a certain flexibility both with regards to tolerances in stack up height and shocks or other forces. Compared to spring-less mounting systems, which exclusively rely on the bending of the mounting brackets in order to create contact pressure, this allows to reduce the mechanical stress on CPU, socket and motherboard and thus helps to prevent possible damage from excessive forces. However, as it is not possible to reliably calculate or control the forces that act upon a system during transport (e.g. in shipping), we generally recommend, due to safety reasons, to take off coolers with a total weight of more than 700g (incl. fan). – Noctua

Also to ensure compatibility, you can check out Noctua’s compatibility list and chart on this link:

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