OcUK GTX 970 Review (NVIDIA 980 PCB/Cooler/ Enhanced Components) @ HardwareHeaven

OcUK GeForce GTX 970 Review (Custom 980 PCB, Cooler, etc)

For all that NVIDIAs GTX 970 has been successful there have been issues with the card. Some consumers have found that theirs creates more noise from the components than expected, or that the custom design of the manufacturer isnt as good as they would like. The same cant be said of the GTX 980 because it has a reference design which end users can opt for if they feel the need. But what if someone took the base design of the reference GTX 980 and built a custom GTX 970 around it? Well thats what we find out today in our OcUK GTX 970 NVIDIA Cooler Edition Review.

For more information, please visit  http://www.hardwareheaven.com/content/reviews/graphics-cards/53405/ocuk-gtx-970-nvidia-cooler-edition-review

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