OCZ Consumer Newsletter – October 2015

Consumer Newsletter | October 2015

Storage Spotlight: Vector 180 SSD and Toshiba USB Drive Bundle

For a limited time, OCZ is offering a 32GB Toshiba USB Flash Drive with our Vector 180 480GB and 960GB SSDs. Look for this bundle offer at your favorite retail store or online store!

Don’t spend $ on a technician – Upgrade your MacBook yourself!

Do you feel tech savvy but hesitate to install new hardware yourself? Especially with your precious Mac system that has the feel of an uncustomizeable monolith? Forget about that. If you ever managed to assemble anything that required a screwdriver without having to call 911 afterwards, you are qualified to upgrade your MacBook with an SSD.


Just how busy is my SSD on an average day?

An Average Day: Part 1  

While using an SSD as the primary drive on your computer, you must have thought at some point, “Just how busy is my SSD?” I know I have. Some days I know my PC has been very busy from running tests, and some days hardly busy at all as the system was used for light office work….but just how busy was it?

Tech support? We got you covered!

You might be part of the vast majority the doesn’t know every component, firmware, and driver installed in your system. This can be a problem when we contact tech support, because 9 out of 10 times we only get more questions thrown back at us. What if one click would do it all for you? With the customer in mind, OCZ has been taking feedback to heart and came up with a solution.

SSD Encryption: Here’s how & here’s the performance loss

Ever thought about what happens if your laptop was stolen? Or accidentally left behind on the subway? Or maybe left unattended in the cafeteria? If you care for the safety of your data, you may have considered encrypting it. “But it makes drives so slow!” is a common con, or “It’s too difficult to set up.”

But is it really?

My Reaction When (MRW) I Upgrade to an SSD

You’ve read about it…and heard about it…or maybe you’re already one of the lucky ones who’ve experienced it.

Upgrading to an SSD is just that…an experience.

Let me walk you through it, MRW-style…

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