OCZ December 2015 Newsletter

Consumer Newsletter  |  December 2015

Bundle up!

32GB for Free! Trion 100 SSD and Toshiba USB Drive Bundle

Just in time for the holidays, OCZ is offering a 32GB Toshiba USB Flash Drive with our Trion 100 240GB SSDs for a limited time. Look for this bundle offer at your favorite retail or online store!
CNET’s Dong Ngo recommends the OCZ
Trion 100 series for an affordable hard drive upgrade for the holiday season!
Anandtech picks the ARC 100 series for their holiday buyer’s guide noting its low price and better performance for heavy workloads.

Red Bull Germany Partners with OCZ for Best Plays Gaming Contest

Resident of Germany? Submit your best FIFA goal scene in Red Bull’s Best Plays Contest and you could win an OCZ SSD! Red Bull has just launched the second challenge on the new Best Plays gaming platform – this time, FIFA! OCZ has hooked up with Red Bull to give one lucky winner a RevoDrive 350 960GB. The contest will run until December 16th, so hurry!!

Learn How to Enter


SSD Myths and Legends

SSDs have become hugely popular in recent years, and with increased distribution came myths and legends. We all know this someone whose friend’s uncle heard that you shouldn’t do this, that and the other thing when using an SSD. Are these legends true? What myths are just horror stories? Let’s look at the most popular ones and see how much truth they hold!


System Speed, Overclocking, Caching and SSDs



We return to our OverClockerZ roots in this blog about saving time with your SSD and that goes beyond synthetic benchmarks to focus on time saved with various system adjustments and tweaks. 

How do we do this you ask? You’ll have to read the blog to find out!




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