OCZ Jan 2016: CES, Steam, GeForce Garage & More

Consumer Newsletter  |  January 2016

Future = Delivered

OCZ once again walked away from CES with swagger, earning not one but two “Best of CES” awards for its next generation RevoDrive 400 NVMe M.2 SSD series coming in early 2016! 
Tom’s Hardware granted the RevoDrive 400 the Best New SSD award as part of their CES 2016 Top Picks, claiming that, “OCZ’s new RevoDrive 400 is the first performance-focused M.2 SSD to reach the 1 TB capacity size that power users and gamers demand.”

Hot Hardware bestowed the RevoDrive 400 with one of the Best of CES 2016 awards and said it “ripped through ATTO at the show.” They went on to say, “Cutting-edge Toshiba 15nm MLC NAND and a 5 year warranty to boot – bring it OCZ, just bring it.


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Looking to build the ultimate 3D rendering rig? NVIDIA’s GeForce Garage and gamer/animator/actor, Rick Malambri, show you how it’s done using two enthusiast-grade OCZ  Vector 180 SSDs, that met their “fast and expansive” needs for this build.

It’s getting STEAMy in here

Are you a fan of OCZ and love to game hard on the weekends […let’s not fool ourselves, week nights]? Make sure you head over to OCZ’s new Steam Group, a community dedicated to our users who love to game. We’ll be giving away t-shirts, Steam wallet codes and even SSDs. We’re here to make sure that your games load faster than the other guy, that your boot-up times are faster than the next dude, and to make sure that when you think of storage, you think of OCZ.

Let’s Steam it up, fellow gamers!

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Meet the SSD Gurus

Looking for support or need some technical advice about your OCZ SSD? Sometimes you just don’t want to go the traditional routes to reach someone. OCZ’s SSD Gurus are now offering support on Facebook and Twitter if social media is your preferred method of communication. We’re here to make sure your drive thrives! 

Upcoming Events

Jan 29 – 31  |  San Antonio, TX
Stop by booth #15107 to say hi to some folks from OCZ and take a shot at winning prizes!

April 22 – 24  |  Boston, MA
Our booth number is TBD, but our presence isn’t! Be sure to stop by and say hello


Fallout 4 or Failout 4?

With the recent launch of Fallout 4, many gamers quickly vented their frustrations about Xbox and PS4 performance and stuttering issues. In a response to all of these comments, an investigation was carried out to see if a storage upgrade (an SSD of course!) could boost the game’s performance and be the solution to their Fallout woes.

Why You Should Keep Your SSD’s Firmware Up to Date

Without firmware, an SSD is just hardware that has no idea how to interact with each other or the software it’s installed in. A firmware-less drive would be like a zombie…Now, much like your OS or any other software, firmware is never perfect. It usually is under constant development. While the changes may not always be obvious, it is critical that your SSD’s firmware is being kept up to date.

BFFs: Windows 10 and your SSD

One of the most popular tweaks was to disable SuperFetch and PreFetch on Windows 7. But from Windows 8.1 and now in Windows 10, Microsoft has created a very SSD-aware operating system. Many of those old tune-up operations are no longer valid, in fact, they actually do more harm that good.


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