OCZ Newsletter – Consumer Solutions

OCZ Newsletter – Consumer Solutions


Vector 180 is Here
Performance and Reliability AMPLIFIED


Vector 180, first unveiled at CES, finally hit store shelves last week. Designed to empower enthusiasts, the refreshed Vector 180 SSD series is optimized for hardcore gaming and data-intensive applications thanks to its powerful OCZ Barefoot 3 controller and Toshiba flash technology. Continuing the Vector’s legacy, the Vector 180 delivers best-in-class performance, notably in long-term sustained and mixed workload performance. Because of its strengths in these areas, a Vector 180 SSD promotes better overall real world performance, leading to the ultimate computing experience. 

New Features:

  • Toshiba A19nm MLC Flash Technology

  • Power Failure Management Plus (PFM+)

  • 960GB Capacity

  • ShieldPlus Warranty


For more information please visit  http://ocz.com/consumer/vector-180-sata-3-ssd


Meet SSD Guru: The new software tool that helps your drive thrive

Though being one of the first SSD providers to offer a “toolbox” for our SSDs, it was time for OCZ to launch a next generation SSD management tool. Meet your SSD’s new best friend, SSD Guru. With the hardcore enthusiast in mind, this feature-rich SSD management software tool was designed to let you have GodMode-like capabilities when it comes your OCZ SSD. Maintenance, monitoring, SSD tuning, OS optimization and more are now right at your fingertips. Though launched with the Vector 180 series, SSD Guru is available for all OCZ Barefoot 3 based SATA drives as well as the PCI Express RevoDrive 350. Check out our latest blog for more details.

Download Now http://ocz.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1524c88d70a0ef8c392aef9bb&id=42a874c33b&e=71516feec9

TOP NEWS: ShieldPlus Warranty now available in Canada and Taiwan

We were pleased to announced that Canada and Taiwan became the newest countries eligible for OCZ’s ShieldPlus program, joining the US and European Union. ShieldPlus, OCZ’s industry-leading warranty, is designed to provide high-caliber technical support while eliminating hassle and shipping costs. It allows customers to simply supply their drive’s serial numbers without the necessity of an original purchase receipt. Additionally, ShieldPlus’ advanced product replacement feature ensures that the drive will be shipped as soon as possible with a brand new SSD, even before OCZ receives the original drive. As of now, ShieldPlus is available for the ARC 100, Vertex 460A, Radeon R7, and the new Vector 180 series. OCZ hopes to keep expanding the list of eligible countries to partake in ShieldPlus, furthering the commitment to reduce hassle, minimize downtime, and provide top-notch service to the masses.

For more information please visit http://ocz.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1524c88d70a0ef8c392aef9bb&id=e4b1745df7&e=71516feec9
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