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 OCZ RD400 NVMe SSD Review (256GB/512GB/1TB)

More MB/s, more IOPS, and lower latencies are what storage enthusiasts dream of. CPUs, RAM, and GPUs are all pushing faster speeds than ever, but storage has typically been a bottleneck for enthusiasts, even after the introduction of SSDs. To enable faster speeds bus bandwidth has been increased over the years and storage has started to migrate onto the PCIe bus so that it is closer to the CPU. With the latest flash technology, protocols have even had to be rewritten to keep up as well. In the past two years Non-Volatile, Memory Express, or NVMe, has replaced AHCI protocol and is now common speak among storage enthusiasts. Thanks to the launch of the Intel 750, the first consumer NVMe product, more and more people have been demanding NVMe products for their systems. With the ability to deliver multiple GB/s read and write speeds as well as hundreds of thousands of IOPS due to great reductions of latency and overhead, we here at The SSD Review can’t help but think, who wouldn’t want this type of speed?

The list of readily available consumer NVMe SSDs is pretty short. First there is the Intel 750 Series, which comes in two form factors, HHHL add-in card and 2.5″ SFF. In addition to this, Zotac now has a HHHL AIC NVMe SSD out too. These SSDs are great for desktop/workstation platforms, however, there is an opportunity left on the table for other competitors in the market. Samsung with their 950 Pro, and now OCZ with the RD400, have decided to go a different route by producing smaller M.2 form factor NVMe SSDs (though OCZ also offers a HHHL AIC adapter option). These smaller form factors are perfect for those who want to save space in their desktop system by utilizing an M.2 slot, now common on many new motherboards, or use them in the latest laptops that support them. Furthermore, form factor wasn’t the only opportunity left on the table. With a readily available 1TB capacity, the OCZ RD400 couldn’t have come soon enough for enthusiasts and prosumers! With specs that rival the Samsung 950 Pro, a capacity point that nips at the heels of the Intel 750’s largest model, and competitive MSRPs, the OCZ RD400 is out for blood. Read on to learn more about this latest enthusiast class NVMe SSD and see how it competes with the best of the best!

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