Online Gaming News: Announces DMM’s Shooting Girls to Fire Off a New and Explosive 

Sci-Fi RPG, Shooting Girl!


Montreal – February 24, 2016 –, an online gaming portal featuring premium web-based games, announced today that they will launch an English language version of Shooting Girl, a turn-based strategy game that takes place in an alternate Tokyo. Shooting Girl was created by noted Japanese developers, DMM, publishers of the Kantai Collection (“KanColle”). 
An enemy called the “Unknown” has invaded and wiped out the city. The only force left to try and repel the enemy is a group of armed school girls. Your mission is to train a team of these “Shooting Girls” into an elite force, then lead them in a shadowy struggle to reclaim the lost 23 wards of Tokyo.  

Shooting Girl will be available to play in March 2016 at:

Key Features
  • 7 Classes of Gun-Girls, each with their own roles and abilities. Over 70 distinct characters with
  • unique artwork and stats.
  • A combat system that rewards careful use of formations and battlefield abilities.
  • An extensive campaign mode where players use resources to build their special warfare school.
  • Outdoor weather conditions that affect the ebb
  • and flow of battle.
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