Our GDC wrap-up, UEFA EURO 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer reviewe @pcauthority

Our GDC wrap-up, UEFA EURO 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer reviewed, and the latest Hyper PixelCast


What was it like at this year’s Game Developers Conference?
By Jason Imms | Apr 21, 2016
GDC may sound kind of generic, but it is anything but…
Review: UEFA EURO 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer – the impossible, partially licensed, dream game
By Chris Kerr | Apr 22, 2016
The stage is set, the stadium bursting with life, sound, and colour, and drenched in an air of expectancy I pray won’t weigh down my talented Belgium team.
One Minute Review: Logitech’s G303 Daedalus Apex takes some time to master
By Anthony Fordham | Apr 18, 2016
Logitech’s new gaming mouse is smaller than most, and rigged with custom lighting.
Eve Valkyrie locks and loads for cross-platform VR space battles for PC and console
By Tom Morgan | Apr 22, 2016
Vive and PlayStation VR should get cleared for blast-off soon.
Hyper PixelCast 55
By Tim Henderson | Apr 21, 2016
Hey, remember demo discs? We do. We also recall leaving out PS3 and 360 consoles on overnight downloading the newest sample because new games were pretty expensive.
Musterbrand releases new Uncharted and Mirror’s Edge jackets
By David Hollingworth | Apr 21, 2016
Some times you love a game so much that a simple t-shirt just isn’t enough.
Sega will let you officially mod classic Mega Drive games on Steam
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 21, 2016
Next week’s Classic Hub launch adds a surprising new option.
Dark Souls is now a board game – and it has already made £807K on Kickstarter
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 21, 2016
The hardcore video game sensation takes a strong physical turn.
The Pico Neo is a mobile virtual reality headset that also works with PC
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 20, 2016
All the brains are in the gamepad, but the headset is sold separately too.
Alien Isolation Pinball is a thing that’s coming to Zen Pinball
By David Hollingworth | Apr 20, 2016
If only Ripley had have had a sweet pinball machine in the first game, all would have been fine.
Supergiant Games, creators of Bastion and Transistor, reveal next game, Pyre
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 20, 2016
Supergiant Games made a huge splash with its 2011 debut, Bastion, and followed it up with the arguably just-as-strong Transistor in 2014.
Open-world series Mafia III puts you on the path to revenge starting 7 October
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 20, 2016
New game marks a big shift for its current-gen debut.
Plantronics’ new RIG 4VR is aimed at… yeah, you guessed it
By David Hollingworth | Apr 19, 2016
Specifically, PlayStation VR. That’s where the 4 comes in. It’s all very clever and twee.
Upgraded PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ will coexist with standard PS4, claims report
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 19, 2016
Current and new consoles will share same games and software.
VR wizard duels on the way from Ratchet & Clank creators Insomniac
By Tom Morgan | Apr 19, 2016
Furry-friendly 3rd person brawler coming to Oculus too.
Upgrade Australia: Case mod special, feast your eyes on these PC beauties
By Ben Mansill | Apr 19, 2016
The case mod scene is storming into a lovely revival, and we hosted a few of the best at Upgrade Australia so check out the gallery.
Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City may come to PS4 and Xbox One
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 19, 2016
Supposed leak suggests announcement today before June release.
Saddle up, Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaks online
By | Apr 19, 2016
Grab your six shooter and get ready to trek across the Old West – a Red Dead Redemption sequel seems to be on the way.
New Activision Ghostbusters game promises couch co-op blasting
By Andrew Hayward | Apr 18, 2016
Who you gonna call? Three mates and a pizza delivery serivce, we’d say.
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