OUT NOW: Kave XTD 5.1 Analog

OUT NOW: Kave XTD 5.1 Analog


ROCCATEERs, meet TRUE surround sound! The Kave XTD 5.1 Analog has just dropped and it boasts a ton of improvements over its predecessor, the original Kave 5.1, the most successful real 5.1 surround sound gaming headset ever. With a focus on further enhancing sound quality, comfort and durability, the Kave

XTD 5.1 Analog retains its pole position with a stunning design purpose built for those who know there is no substitute for real surround sound. Equipped with an interference isolator to eliminate unwanted noise, you can experience the fully immersive future of gaming audio the way you’re supposed to. Surrounded. Totally.

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ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Analog – Official Feature Trailer


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