Panasonic today announced the industry’s first Smart Battery Warranty

Panasonic first to launch Smart Battery Warranty for its rugged range of mobile devices

Helps maintain mobile worker productivity with smart battery management of Panasonic Toughbook devices

BRACKNELL, UK. 11th JULY 2018 – Panasonic today announced the industry’s first Smart Battery Warranty for its Toughbook range of rugged notebooks, tablets and handheld devices to help businesses automatically maintain mobile workforce productivity.

CF-33 Smart Warranty Report

The three-year Toughbook Smart Battery Warranty includes analytics, which constantly monitor the battery health and notify the administrator by email when the state of health of the battery reaches replacement levels. The administrator receives an amber warning email notification when the battery reaches a certain percentage of its original charge capacity, allowing time to be scheduled for the battery to be replaced. A further red email notification is sent when the battery requires replacement, which triggers a call from Panasonic to arrange for a new battery to be delivered.

The warranty ensures that organisations with large numbers of Panasonic mobile devices reduce the costs associated with battery replacement and downtime by always having fresh batteries available.

Jon Tucker, General Manager of Solutions at Panasonic Computer Product Solutions, said: “This pioneering smart warranty, built on Panasonic’s innovations in the smart battery industry, delivers both peace of mind and real business benefits. For around half the cost of a typical rugged device battery, warranty holders have dedicated software running automatic battery monitoring as well as battery replacement when necessary during the three-year period.”

Customers taking-up the Smart Battery Warranty install Panasonic’s Smart Service Lite analytics software, powered by B2M Solutions’ Elemez real-time analytics platform, on each device. The software monitors the state of health of the battery and flags when performance falls below optimum levels. Customers also receive a 60-day free trial of the full Toughbook Smart Service performance analytics package, which is designed to capture, analyse, store and report on the health and behaviour of the entire mobile device estate. With this cloud-based SaaS solution administrators have access to an even wider range of real-time insights to keep mobile devices working harder and longer, including information about disruptive events, application useage, network performance and signal strength.

Gary Lee, Chief Revenue Officer at B2M Solutions, said: “From our work with enterprise customers around the world, we know that having properly performing batteries is one of the top concerns of mobile workers. We are pleased Panasonic selected B2M for this critical solution for the enterprise, providing our real time analytics as part of the offering to provide Panasonic customers with complete visibility and management of the battery life of their Panasonic devices.”

The three-year Panasonic Toughbook Smart Battery Warranty is available at €58 plus tax per device and brings the standard 6 month battery cover in line with the three-year standard Panasonic Toughbook warranty on all devices.

For more information about the Panasonic Toughbook Smart Battery Warranty visit:

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