Phanteks MP and SP Series Premium Fans and PH-NDC Thermal Paste

PH-NDC Thermal Compound

Walnut, California, October 12th,  2015  – Phanteks announces the release of their high purity nanostructured, diamond-like particle thermal paste. The PH-NDC thermal paste maximizes heat dissipation and is a superb quality thermal  compound for heatsinks. The new  PH-NDC includes two resusable applicators with storage caps.

Excellent Performance

PH-NDC is made of NANO diamond-like particles of hybrid compound,  design for using in environment with low thermal resistance. PH-NDC’s Nano diamond-like particles helps dissipate and transfer the heat when compressed.

No Burn-in Time Required

PH-NDC has no burn-in time that is required to reach maximum performance. Formulated to maximize efficiency instantly when applied.

Non-Electrical Conductive TIM

PH-NDC can be applied to any type of Cooler to enhance the thermal conductivity. PH-NDC does not contain any metal or other electrically conductive materials that will harm other components.

Easy to Apply and Remove

PH-NDC can be easily applied and removed. Just one pea- sized amount of the PH-NDC will do. Once the CPU cooler is installed the PH-NDC particles will spread and maximize the contact area.

Long-term stability

The PH-NDC contains a silicon-free compound that provides excellent long-term stability. The silicon-free compound has an effective thermal  cycling, and low dry-out features.

Maximum capability of operating temperature

PH-NDC has a maximum capability of an operating temperature of -40°C to 150°C.  PH-NDC will provide a stable working status at any extreme temperature and conditions.


Model NO : PH-NDC
UPC Code : 886523000792


Thermal Compound
Color Grey
Thermal Conductivity 4.5 W/m-k
Thermal Resistance 0.14°C-cm^2/W
Specific Gravity 2.55 g/cm^3
Recommended Storage Time <2 Years
Recommended Usage Time <2 Years
Package Dimension
11.5 x 18.7 cm
4.5 x 7.4 in
2 x Tubes of 1g
Operating Temperature
-40°C – 150°C



Available at most local retailers in October, 2015 The recommended retail price : (VAT Included)  Phanteks PH-NDC_02 – $5.99


2 Years Limited Warranty

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