Pick the Look and Feel with the i-Rocks K76m Fun Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

Product Features of i-Rock Fun illuminated K76m Mechanical Keyboard:

  • Embedded LED illumination in solid color or RGB
  • Choice of 4 i-Rocks designed new generation mechanical switches
  • Detachable faceplates with Lego integration or custom patterns
  • ORS built in for sound reduction
  • 50 million click MTBF rating
  • Transparent dual-injection keycaps with Cherry MX stem compatibility
  • Full N-key rollover (NKRO) over USB
  • MSRP: $139
  • Available soon worldwide
  • Now available for pre-order on Indiegogo:



Pick the Look and Feel with the i-Rocks K76m Fun Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

Bring the best of the past back to life with a redesigned Alps switch keyboard: The ultimate hybrid of classic feel and modern know-how

02 November 2016, Taipei, Taiwan – i-Rocks, a leading peripheral manufacturer, proudly announces the K76m Fun Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard. Thankfully, the age of mushy rubber dome keyboards is over and precision mechanical keyboards are back, bringing a passion for performance, custom feel, and modern features back with them. The tried and tested mechanical keyboards, such as the IBM Model M (Buckling spring switches) and keyboards using the original Alps switches, are still used today but often at a premium price. Now, i-Rocks has taken the design and superior feel of the beloved, but relatively complex Alps switch and simplified them using modern technology and without the compromises others made. Not just another clone, these switches use original Alps designs coupled with Taiwan’s best machining techniques to bring a classic back to life. Features including LED backlighting and ORS (O-Ring System) integration, redundant and corrosion proof contact points, and custom switch types make the K76m unique. If all this was not enough, the top plate of the keyboard is removable, modder-friendly and interchangeable, with printed designs or a DIY Lego compatible top. The keyboard comes in a choice of black or white stylings.

I-Rocks Redesigned Alps Key switches

The most important part of a mechanical keyboard is the switch type, sometimes known as the axis or shaft and often referred to by color designation. Alps switches do not easily fall into the usual categories made popular by other brands. Since i-Rocks built completely new switches based on the original complicated Alps designs, these are color coded based on the feel and sound characteristics. They offer: “blue” for the clicks audible feedback and rhythm of a typing switch, “brown” for the tactile feedback that has a refined and polished feel but offers no click thus minimizing noise, “red” for linear relaxed typing and gaming with no click and low actuation resistance. Add to these the exclusive, all new “Geek” switch in white with very light resistance and no click or tactile bump for quick responses at minimal effort. Each switch offers something to everyone, but picking the right one for individual needs and typing style is part of the joy of a great mechanical keyboard that will last for a lifetime

Important Features Built Right Into the Switch

All of the switches have some new features built-in from the start, not added on later as an afterthought. The patented O-Ring System, ORS, puts sound dampening right into the switch. This helps prevent the clatter sound of keys bottoming out that many mechanical keyboards suffer from and many users prefer to not have. Making them silent also improves the tell-tale switch-specific features, making a click stand out more or has linear switches be more silent. The multipoint contacts are gold plated for higher stability, longer life and redundancy in one of the few points that dust, dirt or oxidation could fault the switch. LED mounts are also integrated for brighter light with less dark spaces. The K76m comes in a variety of single color options or RGB lights in the Geek switches. The keycaps are double shot for bright light transfer and long life. The lettering and key surfaces will never wear off.

Fun Customizable Top Plates

The i-Rock Fun illuminated K76m Mechanical Keyboard comes in not one but two different highly customizable top plates. Users can choose the creative DIY Lego compatible tops, in black or white, OR the clear top with changeable printed inserts. The ability to add and play with interlocking bricks is a new idea for keyboards, at least the ones not made entirely of Lego blocks. People have loved this childhood toy set for ages, and it holds a cherished feeling for many. It gives a simple way to add ageless, creative fun to a desk. It is up to your imagination and creativity decides what to add. If it is not time to play, the detachable clear top allows for customizing the look in several ways, including simple patterns, wood finish, dogs or cats, leopards lounging, metal grain and a special schematic of the new switch itself.

Price and Availability
The i-Rock Fun illuminated K76m Mechanical Keyboard is available in November 2016 for the suggested retail price of $139.


  • Interface: USB ( Full Speed )
  • Key number: 104 Keys ( By Language )
  • Switch type : i-Rocks Mechanical Switch
  • Keystroke: 4.0 mm
  • N-Key rollover over USB
  • LED Backlighting function
  • ORS integrated silencing (O-Ring System)
  • Multimedia shortcut keys
  • Cable Length:200cm
  • Dimensions: 459 (L)*158.5 (W)*39.5(H) mm
  • Weight : About 1.45 Kg

System Requirements

Microsoft  Windows® XP,  Windows Vista ®  , Windows® 7 ,Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10 operating system
Available USB port

Package Contents
Keyboard x 1
User Manual x 1

i-Rock Fun illuminated K76m Mechanical Keyboard product photos and detailed specs are available at:



Pre-orders available here:


About i-Rocks

i-Rocks Technology is a leading international brand in computer peripherals.  Founded in Taiwan (in YEAR), i-Rocks specialize in PC products including gaming equipment such as: computer mice, keyboards, headsets, and mousepads. They are also known for IT products for home and industry as well as gadget accessories. i-Rocks began with precision OEM work and is now making a bigger name for itself as a name brand. i-Rocks supports the growing E-sports world, in the form of team and event sponsorships. i-Rocks mission is to be one of the leading IT brands and manufacturers in the world by ignoring the marketing hype or sales numbers to build products that users will love and support with all their heart.

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