Plextor M6e Black Edition 128GB PCI Express SSD Review @nikktech

Plextor M6e Black Edition 128GB PCI Express SSD Review 

SATA compatible solid state drives (SSDs) may have been the ones to start their very own small performance revolution in the PC market almost a decade ago but as we speak thanks to several advancements in the field the tiny M.2 and full size PCI-express based models are the ones mostly preferred by professionals, serious gamers and enthusiasts. Fortunately although a few years back consumers only had a handful of such solutions to choose from by just a couple of manufacturers today most have at several such models in their product lines something which as expected has helped not only keep prices low but has also helped boost performance and durability levels. Plextor is without doubt one of the oldest players in the market and although they already have a rather successful PCIe SSD model in their lineup (M6e) they just recently released an updated version called the M6e Black Edition.

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