Produktvorstellung / product presentation (Kopie #1)

The new Alphacool Bayres listen to the name Eisfach and belongs to the new Eis-family, the high-end series of Alphacool. The Eisfach is the first version of the new 5.25 ” reservoirs and offers next to the new features also a completely new look. The front consists of a soft-touch surface with an integrated logo which lights up blue by using a LED. The color intensity can be regulated by using a fan controller or an adapter of 7-12V. This allows to adjust the light intensity to your own taste.

About a narrow window the fill level can be read off wonderful, also the interior can be illuminated with two 5mm LEDs. One of the LEDs is installed above the water and the other one below the water surface. Here you can create various colors or even put the lights off.

On the back of the Eisfach the respective pump can be installed. There are variations for Laing DDC, D5 and a variant witch can absorb two of the Alphacool DC-LT pumps. The decoupling of the reservoir is used for noise reduction. The glands are decoupled with thick rubber bands from the caase and so reduce disturbing vibrations and thus the volume.

For more connection possibilities the ports on the top and bottom can be used for the inlet. The connection on the bottom can also be used to drain the cooling liquid easy. By using the openings in the lid you have several options to refill your system. If you need a bigger volume of water it’s easy to connect 2 reservoirs.

Technical Details:
Dimensions: 148 x 118 x 84,5mm
connector thread: 10x 1/4″ inner thread
Material: Aluminium, Nylon, Plexi, POM
LED-holes: 2x 5mm LEDs

The Alphacool Eisfach is available in three versions. D5, DDC and DC-LT variant.


Small and compact systems are on the rise and it’s exactly where the new radiators from Alphacool at. The new radiators vary from 41 mm and 45 mm thickness to offer the greatest possible cooling surface while remaining compact. We started with the two 40 mm radiators as dual- and triple solution which were specifically intended for 19″ server racks. Due to various requests from the industrial sector Alphacool has decided to give free the entire range of compact radiators for retail customers. 

The new radiators are designed for 50, 60, 80 and 92 mm fans and are available in three variants: single, dual and triple. In addition to old cases which often provide space only for 80 or 92 mm fans there are especially compact cases which can now be extensive equipped with radiators. But modders also can look forward. Especially with self-made cases you had to keep the usual sizes of radiators. Now you have additional options for a free design.

Technical Data:
Color: black
Case: steel
cooling channels / fins: copper
fan mounting thread size: M3
Fins per inch: 12

Available sizes:
50mm Single, Dual and Triple
60mm Single, Dual and Triple
80mm Single, Dual and Triple
92mm Single, Dual and Triple





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