QNAP Releases Qsirch Firefox Extension

QNAP Releases Qsirch Firefox Extension

 Qsirch Firefox UI

Taipei, Taiwan, September 19, 2016 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced that Qsirch has been updated with the useful Firefox™ extension – Qsirch Helper – after Google™ extension released on March 2016.

According to a new report on April 2016, Firefox™ has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge browser on marketshare for the first time with reach of 15.6%, ahead of IE and Edges’ cumulative reach of 15.5%, while Chrome™ still dominates with over 60% of desktop web traffic globally. Therefore, QNAP updates Qsirch Helper with Firefox™ extension and encourages its big fans to use.

Qsirch Helper allows users to search both their NAS and the Internet at the same time, enhancing the file search scale and range. When using Google™ search engine on Firefox™ browser, Qsirch Helper will simultaneously search for the same keyword on the NAS and quickly indentify files, and conveniently display search results from QNAP NAS alongside those from Google™, allowing for an instant and clear review.

“Our research and development team is devoted to optimizing full-text search technology and simplifying the file search process on NAS with powerful Qsirch Helper. We updated Qsirch with comprehensive search enhancements, hoping to complete an intelligent searching process just with one-click.” said Cherry Chen, product manager of QNAP.

Availability & Compatibility

Qsirch 2.2 is available from the QTS App Center.
Download Qsirch Helper of Firefox™ extension from  here.

System Requirements: x86-based NAS models require at least 2GB RAM; ARM-based NAS models require at least 4GB RAM. Additional RAM is recommended for optimal performance.

Firmware Requirement: QTS 4.2.0 (or newer).
For more information about Qsirch, please visit  here.


About QNAP

QNAP Systems, Inc., as its brand promise “Quality Network Appliance Provider”, aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance in the business environments, as well as enrich entertainment life for home users with the offering of a fun multimedia center experience. Headquartered in Taipei, QNAP delivers its solutions to the global market with nonstop innovation and passion.

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