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 (QNAP TBS-453A)

Today we are checking out a very nice product from QNAP that changes the NAS game, something the company has been working towards over the past year it seems. It is becoming common place to find not one but two HDMI outputs on QNAP’s NAS products, allowing them to support dual monitors, and when combined with their HybridDesk Station they essentially become Linux based computers…
Still, it has to be said that at $450 without any internal storage the TBS-453A is a luxury product for home users. As much as we loved the TBS-453A as a home media device, its real target is small to medium business. For this market segment the price is less of a concern and the TBS-453A’s performance and flexibility come to the forefront. For a small team working on a separate project or even a small business, the TBS-453A presents itself as the ultimate storage server.

For More Information Please Visit  http://www.legionhardware.com/articles_pages/qnap_tbs_453a_,1.html

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