QNAP TVS-871U-RP-i3-4G NAS Server Review @nikktech

QNAP TVS-871U-RP-i3-4G NAS Server Review 

Roughly 5 months ago i had the opportunity to visit one of the largest data centers in the world (located inside the EU) and needless to say the moment i stepped in their quite massive installation i was overwhelmed not only by their amount of servers and drive arrays (actually they use HDDs, SSDs and flash drives) but also by their local data transfer speeds (40GbE anyone?) and extreme cooling methods (did you know that they even use warm water for cooling?). Anyways when i got back to our “lab” (can hardly even call it that after experiencing what i did) i decided to perform several upgrades the first of which had to do with our NAS testing methodology since 1GbE has been maxed out for years now. Well the next “obvious” step was for us to implement 10GbE testing (40GbE is the next step, don’t know the when however) and a couple of weeks ago we finished “gathering” all the necessary components. Having the hardware however is not enough so the very first NAS server to make use of that is the brand new TVS-871U-RP-i3-4G by our very good friends over at QNAP.

For more information please visit  http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/network/nas-servers/5334-qnap-tvs-871u-rp-i3-4g-nas-server-review

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