Raidmax Vampire RX-1000GH 1000W Power Supply Unit Review @nikktech

Raidmax Vampire RX-1000GH 1000W Power Supply Unit Review 

 Compared to even just 10 years ago the market today is literally overflowing with PC hardware components and peripherals suitable both for regular consumers (gamers, overclockers, enthusiasts and casual users) and professionals (enterprise users included). Unfortunately due to their target audience high-end components are not always affordable by everyone and that goes double for power supplies since they are considered to be the heart of every PC. We have seen several “affordable” high-end models in the past by many manufacturers but in the end there’s always room for more such products aimed at people on a tight budget. Raidmax is mostly known for their towers but they’ve also ventured into the PSU market and today we’re going to test their latest Vampire RX-1000GH 1000W PSU to see whether or not this was the right move by them.

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