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RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-RD3680SU3 External RAID Enclosure Review

 If you happen to be a designer, 3D animator, video editor or even just an enthusiast then in all likelihood not only do you need lots of space in the form of Terabytes to store all your data but you may also need a more “portable” solution which will allow you to move all that data around without much effort. That pretty much means you can’t really use the drive trays of your tower to do that so you will need to either get a docking station or try and find an external enclosure capable of holding all your drives. Now the docking station may not be the most ideal solution since drives are both exposed and not really stable during transport (although you can always pack the drives separately) but its most serious drawback is that there aren’t really many in the market with more than 2 drive spots. On the other hand there aren’t really that many external HDD enclosures that have more than 4 drive bays and that also may be a problem for many people (although a step up compared to docking stations). Luckily a few manufacturers recognize that issue and have begun to release external HDD enclosure with more than just 4 drive bays and the latest ICY BOX IB-RD3680SU3 External RAID Enclosure by RaidSonic has room for 8.

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