Razer Leviathan Review (Soundbar)@HardwareHeaven

Razer Leviathan Review (Soundbar) 

It would be fair to say that we have been reviewing products for a fair amount of time here at HardwareHeaven… in fact we are closer to 15 years than we are 10 now. Thinking back through that time we can pick out a number of really stand out products in each product area and one of those was the Razer Mako. A set of 2.1 speakers the Mako were co-designed by THX and while the price was high, the performance was exceptional for a set of desktop speakers. So whenever Razer announce a new set of speakers we are always interested to get our hands on them and find out if they have recaptured some of that magic. Today is one of those days with a soundbar and sub combo

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