Sans Digital EliteNAS Network Attached Storage Series: Feature Rich Unified Storage Systems

Sans Digital EliteNAS Network Attached Storage Series: Feature Rich Unified Storage Systems 


​Sans Digital EliteNAS Network Attached Storage – HW RAID, Dedup, SSD Caching, Hardware Encryption, and more.

Sans Digital Network Attached Storage (NAS) products provide both performance and protection for your shared storage. Compare to other typical NAS in the market, Sans Digital EliteNAS series offer more features that no other NAS product can compare:

.  *NEW* High Performance Feature – supports caching on system memory for read/write performance.

.  *NEW* Google Drive Support – cloud backup to/from Google Drive, including scheduled backup to your Drive for offsite backup.

.  *NEW* LTFS Support – allows LTO tape drives for file based sharing. Backup, restore and share long term offsite media with ease.

.  *NEW* Bandwidth Control – true bandwidth control per Network port. Allow traffic control for environments.

.  *NEW* NFS Volume Import – this optional feature allows imported other NFS volume for data replication and backup, allows EliteNAS product to work with   other storage platform.

.  *NEW* SSD Caching – optional SSD caching option increases performance by putting

hot data to the SSD, increases over IOPS.


.  Hardware RAID – EliteNAS model 2U and up use dedicated hardware to calculate complex RAID calculation, result in the highest possible performance.

.  Build-in Deduplication – compress redundant data for backup and data automatically.

.  Expansion Port with RAID 60 Support – not only we can expand up to 256 drives to support 6TB (over 1PB total storage), it also supports multiple RAID or advance RAID 60 format.

.  Hardware Encryption – 3U and up models support hardware encryption of volume. Encrypted and un-encrypted volume can exist in the same unit.

.  OS on the DOM, Mirror OS Option Available – NAS OS is located on dedicated hardware memory based SSD, resulting in better performance and easier for OS/disk recovery.

.  Turn the EliteNAS NAS into A True Backup Appliance – no additional cost for replication support, de-duplication, removable disk data offload, RDX and LTO tape base backup media support. You can work easily with popular backup software and use the EliteNAS storage

as disk to disk to tape backup.  

Wide Selection of Form Factor


3.5” rackmount  NAS :      .          1U 4 bay EN104L+BXE


                                                    .  2U 8 bay EN208L+BXE


                                                    .  3U 16 bay EN316L+BXE


                                                    .  4U 24 bay EN424L+BXE


                                                    .  8U 48 bay EN850L+BXE


                                                    .  8U 72 bay EN872L+BXE

Availible at

Ingram Micro





Tiger Direct

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