Sans Digital One Stop Solution for your SAS/SATA 12G (4,800 MB/s) Performance Storage



Sans Digital One Stop Solution for your SAS/

SATA 12G (4,800 MB/s) Performance Storage

Sans Digital provides many different storages for your high performance SAS or SATA hard drives and SSD storage needs. We have over 20 different sizes and form factors, including tower to rackmount to fit your demanding storage requires. Feel free to browse our selections for your storage needs.
















AccuSTOR Modularized Storage – 2U

     24 Bay 2.5″ Storage for Performance

     Hungry Environment


  ·  2U 24 bay storage supports performance

    intensive need


  ·  12G SAS expander with dual SAS controller,

    each with dual channel and expansions


  ·  Compete modularized design for redundant

    power supply, cooling fan and controller for

    full redundancy requirements

























EliteSTOR SAS Expanders Series – 2U

     to 4U, 8 Bay to 45 Bay, 12G SAS

     Expander Storage for High Capacity



  ·  Single SAS cables connection for over

    1,500MB/s in 6G and 3,000MB/s in 12G


  ·  Completed solution with RAID controller card

    for hardware RAID or HBA for software RAID


  ·  Innovative front and back load storage in 3U

    28 bay and 4U 45 bay to maximize rack



  ·  Supports 8TB hard drives and enclosures

    expansion, up to 240 drives or 1,920TB of




















TowerRAID TR4X12G and TR8X12G

    Modularized Storage – Simple Storage
    Expansion for your Storage Needs
 ·  Tower from factor for 4 and 8 bay
 ·  Modularized design to guarantee
 ·  6G and 12G models available





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