Sapphire Nitro RX 460 OC Graphics Card Review @ eTeknix

Sapphire Nitro RX 460 OC Graphics Card Review 

Only a few days after the RX 470‘s launch, AMD has unleashed a brand new graphics solution designed for low-cost eSports gaming. During the past few years, the competitive scene in the RTS and MOBA genres have flourished and now attract a huge following. As a result, popular titles such as League of Legends have a huge prize pool and create a frenzied response from dedicated fans attending a major event. Of course, many users aim to replicate the stardom of their idols and become a professional player. This challenging endeavour requires dedication and very few people are skilled enough to be considered by established teams. Thankfully, eSports isn’t just about the few who inspire younger players, it’s an inclusive gaming experience which can be incredibly rewarding. AMD is hoping that the RX 460 can fill a void in the market and provide eSports aficionados with an appropriate amount of graphics horsepower.

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