Schneider Electric’s Ringmaster celebrates 30 years at the top! [RealWire]

Schneider Electric’s Ringmaster celebrates 30 years at the top!

The ground-breaking product range has supplied safe, usable electricity to businesses for three decades


London, UK, 11th July 2018: Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of its Ringmaster electrical secondary distribution equipment. The family of products is in active use across many industries, including energy utilities, infrastructure segments and critical power sectors such as healthcare.

Schneider Electric’s Ringmaster distributes energy taken from the grid safely, reliably and efficiently. Its compact, robust design delivers reliable performance, both indoors and outdoors, from commercial applications to the harshest of industrial environments.

The range of Ringmaster products are ideal for medium-voltage applications, including distributing power in commercial and residential buildings, factories and power plants, and servicing the energy needs of package substations and mining facilities.

Launched as the Ringmaster Ring Main Unit (RMU) in 1987, the Ringmaster was the first gas-insulated RMU on the UK market. Traditionally, RMUs had been oil filled and were time-consuming to test and service, with many loose test pieces required. The first Ringmaster had the advantage of being safer, smaller, cleaner and easier to operate than the competition, making efficiency savings for Schneider Electric’s customers and setting the standard for RMUs to come.

Since its original release, the Ringmaster range has undergone four iterations and many improvements to meet the evolving needs of the market. While the original Ringmaster was manually operated, all new units can be IoT-connected and fully automated using the Easergy T300 RTU. Today, a Ringmaster unit can be operated and monitored remotely through a SCADA control system.

The most recent versions – RN2d, RN6d and RE2d – are assessed to the UK Energy Networks Association latest specification. They represent the safest, smartest and most robust switchgear available on the market.

Products from the Ringmaster range have been installed in many high-profile projects. In 1996, Schneider Electric began working with UK Power Networks to replace and automate all of London’s public RMUs. The project, which continues to run, currently delivers power to the homes and buildings of eight million customers.

Ringmaster is British-built and designed, with all units made at Schneider Electric’s manufacturing plant in Leeds which employs 450 people.

Over 100,000 Ringmaster units have been produced with some being installed overseas in more than 18 Countries. All variants of the new RN2d RMU are currently available for purchase.

Martin Sweeney, Marketing and Business Development Manager, at Schneider Electric said: ‘While the Ringmaster has experienced extensive innovation down the years, the underlying fundamental architecture remains the same. It was truly ahead of its time and a game-changer when it first hit the market. It marked a watershed moment for electrical distribution and has influenced the design of ring main units ever since. As we pass its 30-year anniversary, we are very excited to see how the Ringmaster evolves and where the range goes next.’

Richard Quarmby, Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric, said: ‘I first encountered the Ringmaster as an apprentice working in R&D, and I still believe it’s the best RMU on the market. One of the advantages of having a Ringmaster unit installed in the UK is that all the training and expertise you need for it is already here. It’s a Leeds-made innovation, and our customers appreciate the fact that support is merely miles away.’

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