Seagate Enterprise NAS HDD 6TB SATA III HDD [email protected]

Seagate Enterprise NAS HDD 6TB SATA III HDD Review 

  It’s no secret that there are several storage choices out there for use with a desktop PC (or even a laptop) from the all-time classic regular mechanical drives up to the new solid state hybrid drives (HDD+SSD combo) and solid state drives. Things however become quite more complicated when looking for a NAS (Network Attached Storage) oriented model since there are many things one has to pay attention at aside performance and reliability such as power consumption, temperatures and even noise levels. Of course that’s also why all the players in the market have launched their very own “solutions” for NAS users but much like everything else in the PC industry not all are created equal. With us today we have what is perhaps the most promising mechanical hard drive in the market today developed primarily for use with NAS servers, the Enterprise NAS HDD 6TB by Seagate.

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