Stage All Set for MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals

Stage All Set for MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals

Excitement is building! Spectacular opening ceremony, nail-biting competitions, mind-blowing gaming rigs and tons of fun activities


 [MSI, HQ] Today on Friday, August 28, the keenly anticipated MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals kicks off with a sensational opening ceremony, a big audience, all-star casters and host as well as top eSports players from across the globe. Finally, 4 days of non-stop action is on the line! “We are grateful for our unwavering fans and supporters and for the enthusiasm you bring to the event this year. The MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 serves as a milestone in MSI history as its 6th global gaming event and the first ever to conclude in the United States. MSI has been dedicated to the creation of world-class gaming hardware and is proudly the host of world renowned gaming tournaments for years. We go all out to plan and bring the MSI MGA to life, to make it a platform for aspiring gamers to compete and excel. The Grand Finals is going to be thrilling and memorable with adrenaline-pumping tournaments, engaging product showcases and various fun activities on the site,” says Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Director.

Check out the schedule of the gripping Grand Finals!

August 28th through 31st at PAX Prime 2015, the MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals is seeing 8 elite Heroes of the Storm teams and 16 of the world’s best StarCraft II players battle it out on an international stage. They will be competing for the glory of being crowned champions and take home their chunk of the total US$75,000 prize-pool.

What is not to love about the thrill of competition and even more the sweet taste of victory? Come see the nail-biting competitions at Booth #4003 and witness for yourself who claim the titles in this prestigious event!

The first two days feature the Heroes of the Storm™ tournaments

On day 1, Heroes of the Storm™ Grand Finals starts at 11.00am. Watch Team Liquid compete against MyRevenge.VS from Singapore in a Best-of-Three game to decide who will be going into the Round of 4 on the following day. Currently the best team in the world, Team Liquid goes against the top team from the South-East Asia qualifier, MyRevenge.VS.


Following that, there will be other well-known top teams like MVP Black, Virtus Pro, Cloud9 showcase great matches of Heroes of the Storm™. And the day will end with the best team in America against their own American counterparts, where we will see Tempo Storm playing against Cognitive Gaming. Tempo Storm has won all of its recent tournaments up till today, making their names known as one of the most formidable gaming teams in America. Cognitive Gaming replaces EDG as the invite at this tournament, with decent results and has the third strongest Heroes team in the US.

The games will then continue on the second day to decide who will be the champion of this tournament!

The last two days see fierce competition among top StarCraft® II players

On the 30th of August, watch as 16 players compete in the group stages for a chance to win the most money and WCS points in the WCS Global event in MSI Masters Gaming Arena for Starcraft II. Featuring notable players such as EG.Jaedong, YoeFlashWolves.Parting, the defending champion, Solar, and European favourites like Harstem and Firecake, they will all compete for the 25,000 USD prize-pool and 4000 WCS points being allocated among all 16 players. Matches will be played on stage and backstage for both days, and playoffs will feature 8 players competing in a Best-of-Three Single Elimination Bracket to decide the champio

What else are you waiting for?

Watch the best in Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft II, only at the MSI Masters Gaming Arena at PAX Prime from the 28th to the 31st of August, on Twitch.TV at  and in English and Mandarin Chinese!

eSports Experience offers so much fun!

 As well as watching all the action and excitement unfold, fans and visitors have the chance to go hands-on with MSI’s most advanced GAMING rigs. Better yet, visitors at our Booth #4015 have the chance to play games on top-notch MSI GAMING hardware. This activity starts exactly on the hour throughout the four-day event. And don’t forget our raffle activity at 5 pm every day! 

op gaming rigs that no heroes should miss

 On display at our eSports Experience booth is a fascinating lineup of hero’s gaming rigs that are driven by gamer-inspired, future-ready technology. All the cutting-edge technologies and features, such as Nahimic Sound Technology, XSplit Gamecaster live streaming, Tobii Eye-Tracking Technology, VR technology and more, can be experienced on the latest and greatest MSI GAMING machines.

Be sure to go to the MSI eSports Experience booth (#4015) for a taste of the most awe-inspiring gaming experience ever!

The latest and greatest MSI Gaming machines at hand

 No major gaming event would be complete without hardware. The main Heroes of the Storm™ event will be decided with the contestants using the GE62 Gaming notebooks, highlighting MSI’s commitment to providing gamers extra features with actual value for gamers. The finalists will be battling each other aided by the built-in SteelSeries keyboards, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics and the latest Intel Core i7 CPUs.

Elsewhere, the eSport Experience will see the use of the behemoth GT80 model – MSI’s $4999 USD flagship 18.4” notebook with GTX 980M SLI graphics and its built-in mechanical keyboard, utilizing Cherry switches – truly a one-of-a-kind machine, not to be missed.

The smallest and powerful MSI Nightblade MI is ready to handle any new PC game in the highest details and high frame rates.

With legendary Twin Frozr V and powerful graphical efficiency, the nominated MSI MGA 2015 Specified Graphics Card, MSI GTX 960 GAMING 4G, is ready to give you visual awe and amazing gaming experiences!

 Looking for a new, genuine gaming motherboard? Demand the best of the best design and features, tested and approved by professional eSports players? The Z170A GAMING M9 ACK GAMING motherboards offer you the best gaming experience.

MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals at PAX Prime 2015 
Date: August 28th - 31st, 2015
Location: Washington State Convention Center, 
             Seattle, Washington, USA
Booth: MGA Grand Finals #4003
eSports Experience #4015


More details will be announced on the event website. 
MSI reserves the right to make changes.
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