Supermicro Gaming S5 Mid-Tower Chassis [email protected]

 Supermicro Gaming S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

“We typically expect to see server motherboards from Supermicro, but today we have a surprise, a mid-tower case designed for gamers.”

t seems Supermicro appreciates our opinion on what makes a chassis a top competitor in today’s market, and as such, they have offered us one of their own gaming chassis designs to have a look at. While usually we do not see offers from builder companies, or those that allow you to choose components, they build it and test it, then ship the assembled system to you. In fact, in our tenure, we can only recall ever doing this once, and that was for Maingear, many moons ago. While they have been using some slightly funky looking chassis for their gaming builds previous to this, why looking like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, it does sport some cool options like an easy to use carry handle, front load storage bays, covers to keep the theme seamless on the front, and even offered multiple choices of  LED Colors
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