Supreme Honor from German National Design Award

Supreme Honor from German National Design Award

SP has won the German National Design Award again in 2018 for its military-grade waterproof and dustproof external SSD, the Bolt B80 and its three-in-one OTG flash drive, the Mobile C50.

The leading global memory storage brand Silicon Power has secured the international design award with a “Special Mention Award” from the German President’s highest honor. The German Design Award was awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and was hailed as the “Award of the Award” in the International Design Awards. It was once again confirmed that SP’s profound skill in product design has laid a foundation for its storage and design leadership in the market.


Design Innovation from An Industry Leader

SP added The German National Design Award to its award-winning record and became a strong contender in the international design arena. Since its inception, SP has been constantly improving and renovating its products. With its unique product design and practical product functions, SP has been active in the international design arena. With four additional international industrial design award wins, SP’s extraordinary product creation is now recognized by the German national awards.


Germany, a world-recognized industrial design country, has a strong influence and voice in the international design field with its strong modern design foundation. The iF and RedDot competitions, which were initiated by the private sector in the 1950s, are recognized as the world’s four major design awards. The International Industrial Design Award, by the German Federal Government Office, created a rich and important international design competition. The German National Design Award, under the German Design Council of the Ministry of Economic Development, aims to promote, present, and celebrate unique design trends. The special contingency of this award is that the company must have the aforementioned international design award qualifications and be nominated by relevant government officials, the German National Design Association, and its foundation members to participate in the selection. Compared with the four design awards that designers are free to sign up for, it’s considered a rare and precious honor to receive the German National Design Award. They are designed to include functionality and operability, practical value, an overall concept of design quality, innovation, durability, brand value and branding, market maturity, product aesthetics, product vision and semantics, and manufacturing. Under such stringent conditions, SP stands out with its excellent product design, leading the industry to achieve this glory with its perfect interpretation of the design spirit—technology combined with life, function, and beauty.


The Bolt B80 is the industry’s thinnest military-grade shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof external SSD. Different from the common square shape devices in the market, the Bolt B80 is inspired by the flying saucer. It breaks through the design tradition and overcomes many difficulties in the process. With its unique disc shape and strong aluminum alloy casing, it fully demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship. With more than ten years of product design, SP combines a purely aesthetic device with a tone of technology and durability, pushing memory storage devices to a new standard.

Compared with general hard discs, the external SSD has better performance in terms of size, performance, and general durability. The Bolt B80 has a continuous read/write speed of up to 500MB/450MB per second, and is equipped with USB 3.1 Gen2 connection. High-speed transmission interface provides four times faster transmission speed than an ordinary hard disk. Through military-grade shock proofing, IP68 waterproofing, and great dustproof standards, it’s a professional and attractive choice for many users.

The three-in-one OTG flash drive Mobile C50 is fully equipped with a triple use interface –USB Type-A, Micro-B, and Type-C. It’s a unique OTG flash drive that can easily meet all the data transmission needs of the market. It can be used with various mobile devices and is the best bridge for cross-device transmission by combining convenience and flexibility.

The Mobile C50’s cap is made of high-elastic, sturdy, environmentally-friendly TPU material to avoid the risk of missing caps and to protect the USB Type-C port when not in use. The cap is tested for durability with 10,000 repetition folding tests. The USB Micro-B port on the other end is cleverly covered by the USB Type-A port, which also provides effective protection when not in use. Additionally, the key ring hole design is convenient for users to store and carry the Mobile C50 so that all information can be carried on-the-go. Exquisite craftsmanship combines three transmission methods, large capacities, COB packaging technology, connection protection design, and a convenient key hole design, making the Mobile C50 an indispensable mobile communication partner for many kinds of on-the-go consumers.







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