Sycret Cloud, the Encryption Solution for Your Smartphone

Christmas and New Year trip! Sycret Cloud, the Encryption Solution for Your Smartphone Makes the Perfect Gift and Offers an Upgrade

As we count down to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we greet the arrival of a bright 2016! When travelers from around the world, families, couples, friends travel together overseas, and record the touching moments of the splendid New Year’s Eve fireworks in photographs and videos, the scariest thing to happen is losing their phone in a foreign land and their phone data being leaked, while their good memories must endure strong attacks from exposure of their personal privacy.


What to do when faced with an embarrassing situation like this? Do not worry! Just carry the Sycret Cloud encryption card. With this must-have unique microSD card for travel abroad, a portable plug-and-play accessory compatible with any recent-version Android smartphone, you can put your original encrypted Sycret cloud storage data into your new phone. These features, a direct response to consumer demand, ensure that even when the card is lost or stolen, data cannot be leaked, so you can safely and securely use your phone without any worry.


Combined with the encryption software of the Sycret Cloud app, the photos and videos are encrypted as soon as you create them, so wherever you go, whatever you record, your personal privacy is protected with zero time gap. Thus you can safely share your encrypted photos files from your phone app with your good friends, and you can instantly upload the encrypted files to your back-up hard-drive in your Cloud storage space, which prevents the storage security risks posed by hackers using loopholes to steal data from your account.


KINGMAX, too, looks expectantly forward to the happy tiding of Christmas, and in response to the customary exchange of gifts and love, and in particular for online gamers that wish to give other carefully selected Christmas and New Year’s gifts to their lucky comrades, it recommends the DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM, the popular desktop memory for gamers, which features unique nano heat-dissipation technology, high stability and excellent performance, which makes you invincible in games. Another high-value New Year’s upgrading reward is the SME32 Xvalue SSD card which features a SATA III 6Gb/s transmission interface and a data reading speed as high as 500MB/s, a super-value-for-money accessory which greatly enhances your computer’s performance. Come, invite your friends to play a round of your favorite game to enjoy the happy times of New Year. Following the incoming tide of action video entertainment in the New Year, the PJ-02 OTG flash drive is the light-weight small gift of choice, which will assuage the traveling owner’s fears of insufficient memory capacity for their high-definition camera in their smartphones. With standard USB and micro USB transmission interfaces, it is plug-and-play compatible with laptops, PCs and such mobile devices as phones, tablets, etc. in order to start storing the most beautiful memories of every day of one’s life in the New Year.

We welcome you to visit the official KINGMAX Facebook Fan Page, where Sycret Cloud, the rising star of mobile phone data security, offers you the sweetest and warmest Christmas and New Year’s wishes:




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