Synology DiskStation DS715 & DS215+ @legionhardware

Synology DiskStation DS715 & DS215+ 

Today we are checking out the DS715 and DS215+, both are 2-bay NAS devices from Synology’s latest DSx15 series. The DS715 is designed for home to business workgroup usage while the DS215+ is aimed at small and medium businesses. Both come armed with new Annapurna Labs Alpine SoC’s and support features such as Hardware Encryption and Link Aggregation…

Unfortunately the Annapurna Labs Alpine SoC hasn’t impressed us as much as it did in the DS2015xs and even the DS1515. However the biggest issue is the price, we simply cannot justify spending almost 80% more on the DS215+ over the DS215j and it is even worse when looking at the DS715. The DS215+ and DS715 are both well built, reliable NAS servers that are backed by the very best software in the business. When it comes to quality Synology always seem to deliver, sadly this time they missed the mark when it came to pricing.

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