Tap Into the Future with Optical Switch Keyboards

Raising the Bar at Light Speed.

All new Light Strike (LK) Libra optical switch technology gives you award-winning precision and speed to get the most out of your gaming experience.



  • Tap into the future with the fastest key response and true 1:1 raw input
  • Continuous optical beam delivers zero-latency and 0.2ms response
  • Contact-free engineering for up to 66.6% more durability than mechanical
  • Per-key stabilization and backlighting with crystal prism lens
  • Water / Dust / Cheeto Resistant
  • Weapons-grade anodized aluminum design maintains a lightweight frame
  • Comes in Tactile (Type-O) or Linear (Type-B) options

Bound by Innovation. Bound by Gaming.

Gaming is a passion for us; it’s who we are… it’s in our blood. With over 30 years of experience, Bloody Gaming marks the culmination of decades in research and development focused on bringing gamers a premium line of products developed for those seeking the Ultimate Gaming Gear.

Water Resistant

All Light Strike Keyboards use a nano-coating layer that is highly resistant to spills, splashes, and spouses. In extreme cases you can you can pop the switches out individually for more thorough cleaning (ex. sodas, sugary drinks).


Dependable Durability

Light Strike optical switches are designed to outlast the competition with over 100 million keystrokes – that’s a 66.66% (repeating, of course) increase in lifespan over current mechanical switches and making them the #1 choice for professional gamers.


Switch Up Your Style

Exclusive Light Strike (LK) Optical Switch Technology for ZERO Digital Lag and 25% Faster key response comes in two versions:

  • Orange – Tactile, Clicky
  • Brown – Smooth, Linear

The Science of the Competitive Edge

Mechanical switches are old, clunky technology. It’s time to upgrade to the bleeding-edge with Light Strike (LK) optical switch technology.


Ultimate Gaming Gear. Built For You.

​​LK Libra comes in three different sizes to fit your needs. Full-size standard set, a ten-keyless for portability and tournament play, and a unique left-hand hybrid design for ergonomics and accessibility to bindings.


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