Tesoro Releases Ancile Z1 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad in North America

Tesoro Releases Ancile Z1 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad in North America

High Precision Mousing Control to Dominate the Battlefield

October 14, 2014, Milpitas CA, USA – Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, today releases the Ancile Z1 hard gaming mouse pad in North America.

Shield of the War God

According to legend the shield of the Roman war god, Ancile, fell from the heavens, and guaranteed Rome would be the mistress of the world. Much like the mythological Ancile, Tesoro’s Ancile hard gaming mouse pad ensures domination of the competition by providing high precision mousing control.

High Texture Density, Low Friction Surface

The Tesoro Ancile with its unibody construction is designed for the hardcore gamer. The low friction surface optimizes gliding capabilities while the high texture density and reflecting surface technology effectively improves the capture sensitivity for optical or laser gaming mice.

Non-Slip Rubber Base

The rubber base of the Ancile ensures the mouse pad does not slip or slide during intense gaming sessions.

Price and Availability

The Tesoro Ancile Z1 hard gaming mouse pad is available at Tesoro Gaming USA, Newegg, Amazon, NCIX for the suggested retail price of US$29.

More information about the Tesoro Ancile Z1 can be found at:


Product Highlights of Tesoro Ancile Z1

  • High precision hard gaming mousepad
  • Micro textured, low friction surface
  • Unibody construction
  • Reflecting surface technology
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • MSRP: $29
  • Availability: Now at Tesoro Gaming USA, Newegg, Amazon, NCIX

About Tesoro Technology USA Inc.

Established in 2011, Tesoro Technology USA Inc is a team of multinational gaming enthusiasts with over 30 years industry experience with one objective – make ultra-durable products that give the best gaming experience. To achieve this, Tesoro conceptualizes products from the input and feedback from the gaming community, and then builds them using the highest grade components. As a gamers company, Tesoro continues to expand into new horizons and push the limit further with each product unveiling. To learn more visit Tesoro’s website: http://www.tesorotec.com.
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