(The Compact NAS Battle: Synology DS414slim vs. QNAP TS-453mini)@legionhardware

(The Compact NAS Battle: Synology DS414slim vs. QNAP TS-453mini)



Today we have two 4-bay compact NAS solutions on hand from Synology and QNAP. Both are designed for home users with limited space by utilizing 2.5″ drives. Although both of these products set out to achieve the same goal, they go about achieving them in different ways which makes comparing them interesting…

he magnetically attached top panel of the TS-453mini is great and likely the most innovative design we have seen yet for a home NAS. The only downside is of course the price, $530 for the 2GB model is likely going to be too costly for most home users. Particularly once you consider the hard drive bill will add another $280 when using 1TB WD Red drives.

For More Information Please Visit  http://www.legionhardware.com/articles_pages/the_compact_nas_battle_synology_ds414slim_vs_qnap_ts_453mini,1.html

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