The New LUXA2 TX-P2 Wireless Charging Power Bank

LUXA2 Thermaltake Mobile Launches

the New TX-P2 Wireless Charging Power Bank

Taipei, Taiwan February, 25, 2015Thermaltake Mobile – LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, is pleased to announce the arrival of a new addition to their wireless power charging family: TX-P2 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank.  The TX-P2 is a powerful new wireless charging power bank designed for even the most demanding of power users.

The TX-P2 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank packs double the capacity of the highly successful TX-P1, and cramps enough juice to charge your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and Samsung S5 several times over without compromising portability.  The TX-P2 works with all Qi compatible devices and possesses a lightning fast 5V2.1A USB output port for wired charging. It is not only compatible with smartphone devices, but also tablet devices such as the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and any other compatible device that requires a more demanding power solution.

Besides featuring powerful internal mechanics, the TX-P2 loses none of its charm. The black on black matte finish provides a heightened sense of sophistication and elegance to an everyday necessity.  The TX-P2 comes packed with functionality, extreme value, and incredible style. 

Key Features of the TX-P2 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank at a Glance:

  •  Grade A 10,000mAh lithium-polymer battery cell
  •  Dual function charging pad and power bank
  •  5V2.1A USB output port charges both smartphone and tablet devices
  •  Supports simultaneous wired and wireless charging
  •  Easy power on/off with 6 LED power charging indicators
  •  Includes band of portability for secure wireless charging on the move
  •  Qi compatible

TX-P2 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank suggested price: USD 79.99

More information on the TX-P2 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank is available online:

LUXA2 official website and community websites:


For further information about Thermaltake Technology, please visit, or contact our customer support at 0800-266-818.

About “LUXA2”

Thermaltake Technology was established in 1999 specializing in Chassis, Power Supply, CPU Cooling management solutions, and has been marketed to the world with the “Thermaltake” brand ever since. The brand personality of Unique | Aggressive | Vivid | Stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in constantly creating new, exciting and innovative products for PC DIY, gaming and mobile enthusiasts. Founded in 2010, the LUXA2 Thermaltake Mobile division was created on the principle of modern gents and ladies desire for more sophisticated mobile accessories. LUXA2 answers the need of contemporary fashion with the latest technology; presenting our line with high standard in functionality, value, and style based on minimalist philosophy, clean design, quality, and craftsmanship to sports, travel, and fashion consumers.     

LUXA2 official website:


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