The PhoneSwitcher App, make the one-touch transfer to iPhone 7 series

The PhoneSwitcher App, make the one-touch transfer to iPhone 7 series. Upgrade your storage with delight!

Taipei, Taiwan – Sept 13th, 2016.

PhotoFast, the leading premium iOS smart accessory company based in Taiwan, announced the PhoneSwitcher App. Capturing the world by attention, the long-awaited new iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus series is been released. Compared to the last generation, the new iPhone 7 series feature enhanced cameras, boasting 12-megapixel sensors; the iPhone 7 Plus is furthermore equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) dual-lense, along with a revolutionary 4K/60P ultra-high-definition video recording setup. Be it photo or video, file sizes have more than doubled since the iPhone 6/6s, and it follows that the demand for storage space have increased considerably.

While the iPhone 16GB is now marked history due to the ever-growing capacity of emerging apps, the new iPhone 7 series has escalated its capacity to 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. If one would compare this to the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of the iPhone 6/6s series, it might be misinterpreted that the new iPhone series have doubled in storage space. But in fact, each video or photo file is now larger than before; users of the iPhone 7 of 32GB may experience needs for larger storage space, more than users of an iPhone 6 of 16GB.

For this reason, PhotoFast, the world-renowned brand for the production of iOS storage devices; iType-C, MemoriesCables, Photo Backup Cable, and MAX series, recently released the one-touch PhoneSwitcher app, allowing users an easy upgrade to the iPhone 7 series. The app takes care to simplify the trifling process for a phone switch. Now, all that is needed, is the insertion of a PhotoFast storage device to the Lightning port, and with a simple touch of a button, your files are transferred from the iPhone 5/6 to the new iPhone. Just like that, no hassle.

As the leading brand for iOS storage devices, PhotoFast understood the urgent needs of prospect iPhone 7 users;  bloggers and experts are recommending “The full PhotoFast iOS series of Storage Devices” to consumers looking to expand their iPhone 7 storage with an affordable price. If you only have the budget for a 32GB model, there is now a smart and inexpensive alternative for expanding your storage space.

About PhotoFast

Established in 2003, PhotoFast is run by a team of professionals in global operations, where “Fast Innovation” lies in the heart of its services. The brand continues to provide electronic products of high-quality, high-efficiency, high-compatibility, and high-stability to consumers worldwide. As the pioneering brand of iPhone/iPad storage devices, PhotoFast is comparable to Apple in its uncompromising persistence in quality and product R&D, not to mention of the local intelligence embedded, being products locally made, and guarantees to be of 100% MIT(Made in Taiwan). Over the years, faithful users worldwide have testified to the PhotoFast brand quality, with sales of more than one miliion storage devices across 70 countries worldwide. PhotoFast has made appearance in several international electronics trade shows, and has been sweeping up awards in and out of the country; in 2014 awarded with the BC Award (Best Choice award) at Computex, the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest ICT procurement assembly; between both years of 2013 and 2014, awarded Best Innovation in 60 Seconds to Convince at Europe’s largest DISTREE EMEA; in 2015, awarded Best New Inflight Product at the A.R. Awards in the Airline Retail Conference (ARC) Asia-Pacific.

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