The World’s First – Team Group Inc. Launches DDR4 2666 64GB Kit (4x16GB) Overclocking Memory

Team Group Inc. Launches DDR4 2666 64GB Kit (4x16GB) Overclocking Memory

The World’s First Single 16GB Overclocking Memory Module


Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 6, 2014 – Team Group Inc., the world’s leading company in overclocking DRAM products, today announced the latest DDR4 2666 64GB Kit (4x16GB) overclocking memory, the first single 16GB overclocking DRAM module in the world. With specially selected DRAM ICs and severe testing procedures, Team Group DDR4 2666 64GB Kit overclocking memory can provide excellent performance as well as solid reliability and fully support the latest Intel XMP 2.0 specification. Taking the lead in providing the amazing memory capacity for stunning performance, Team Group Inc. has once again set a milestone in overclocking memory technology.

The latest DDR4 2666 64GB kit will be introduced in two different product series to satisfy the variety of users’ needs. Team Dark Series, incorporated with the specifically designed large heat spreader, is capable of providing great cooling efficiency and outstanding performance for overclockers. While the heat spreader for Team Vulcan Series stays with the standard dimension design that keeps users from mechanical interference. Each series comes with four colors to satisfy users’ desire for different color themes. Besides the amazing DDR4 2666 64GB Kit, other great solutions of DDR4 overclocking memory will be available at the same time:


DDR4 2666 CL15 16GBx4 / 8GBx4 / 4GBx4

DDR4 2800 CL16 16GBx4 / 8GBx4 / 4GBx4

DDR4 3000 CL16 16GBx4 / 8GBx4 / 4GBx4

With no doubt, Team Group Inc.’s DDR4 overclocking memory product is the best offering not only for overclockers, gamers, but also for users who require a powerful multimedia working station. For more information on the exciting new DDR4 overclocking memory products, please visit Team Group Inc.’s website.


Team DARK DDR4 3000:

Team Vulcan DDR4 3000







Module Type

288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC










Data transfer bandwidth

 21,320 MB/s

 (PC4 21320)

22,400 MB/s

 (PC4 22400)

24,000 MB/s

 (PC4 24000)








Working voltage






8 Layer PCB


Heat Spreader

Aluminum heat-spreader



Lifetime Warranty





With X99 ASUS DELUXE platform



As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at or facebook

【About Team Group】

Team Group Inc. is a manufacturer of computer products and consumer electronics, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1997. We manufacture and distribute high quality Memory modules, Memory cards, USB disk, SSD, Industrial Applications and Mobile Applications. Team Group is recognized as one of the leading memory products and consumer electronics manufacturers in the industry. We cover most business regions in the world. Team provides the highest quality products to customers in volume with competitive prices and the best possible after services. Through many years of the close and direct relationships with the leading manufacturers and OEMs, we are able to provide various products even during the shortage and allocation periods. As we continue to grow, we start to develop mobile application devices in 2012 and we will continue committing to support our customers with superior products, first class service and excellent business growth.

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