The Z+ Pro sets ARCTIC‘s monitor arm series one above it

The Z+ Pro sets ARCTIC‘s monitor arm series one above it

Only recently ARCTIC has equipped the workplace for all needs with the new Z Pro monitor arm series. The Z + Pro sets now one above on it.

For the extra overview the extension kit enables to top the PC system by an additional display. Whether you currently work with a Z1 Pro, Z2 Pro or Z3 Pro, the Z+ Pro can be easily mounted above and increases the viewing area in no time.

While on the main screen an exciting car race is running, the further monitor is qualified to keep in view important processes in parallel.

Thanks to the ball joint design the Z+ Pro can be turned through 360°. Without taking the monitor down the swivel function can be adjusted with the mounting head in just a few seconds.

Also the installation couldn’t be more user friendly – just attach the mounting plate to the back of the monitor, fix the monitor to the arm by sliding in from top, ready! You don’t even need two more arms for help…QUICK FACTS Z+ Pro Extension Kit to Add a Further Display

  • Allows additional use of another screen above the monitors
  • 3 stages of articulation for 360° adjustable viewing angle
  • Ball joint design for easy finger adjustment
  • Easy Installation with detachable monitor heads
  • For comfortable and efficient work with several programs simultaneously

he Z+ Pro is now available for a price of 39,99 $ at ARCTIC.

As an international company ARCTIC is one of the leading manufacturers of computer cooling and has a profound know-how in the field of consumer electronics. With headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Hong Kong, Germany and the U.S., we sell our products in over 45 countries around the world.

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