Thermaltake and 3D Hubs Announce 3D Printing Service Partnership The New Era of 3D Printed PC

Thermaltake and 3D Hubs Announce 3D Printing Service Partnership    
The New Era of 3D Printed PC

Taipei, TaiwanNovember 24th 2016Thermaltake, an industrial pioneer in 3D printed PC components and 3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of 3D printing services, officially announced the comprehensive cooperation to facilitate PC DIY enthusiasts and PC modders to access 3D printing technology internationally. Thermaltake, based in Taipei, Taiwan, has offered its support to the “Maker Movement” since 2015. is the first 3D printed PC platform that released in February 2016. Though cooperating with 3D Hubs, founded in Amsterdam in 2013, Thermaltake will be able to overcome the geographic limitation and offers a global 3D printing service through 3D Hubs.

Thermaltake 3D Makers at its core is to encourage PC enthusiasts to use green technology, such as 3D printing, to join the “Maker Movement” by transforming their PC into unique style, and share their 3D creations with other makers worldwide. “We hope to retain the existing users in the community, spread the joy of DIY around the world, and truly fulfill the core values of the 3D Makers platform through the partnership with 3D Hubs”, said Kenny Lin, Thermaltake CEO and Chairman.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Bram De Zwart, 3D Hubs CEO, said “We’re extremely excited to be announcing our partnership with world leading computer hardware company Thermaltake. We look forward to empowering their community through their 3D Makers platform to innovate and collaborate in ways like never before. With our distributed manufacturing network connected in over 160 countries we will provide parts on demand that are locally sourced without the need for large warehouses and international shipping.”

In this the new era of 3D printed PC, Thermaltake will continuously design and offer more diversified PC related 3D models to be available on for free. Meanwhile, Thermaltake encourages all PC DIY, modding and 3D printing enthusiasts to join this community with us and start your 3D printing today.

About 3D Hubs:
3D Hubs is the world’s largest network of 3D printing services. With service providers connected in over 160 countries 3D Hubs makes it easy for designers and engineers to find the right 3D print solution for their prototyping and production runs. By providing local access to 3D printing technology 3D Hubs helps to shape a future of distributed manufacturing. Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs is headquartered in Amsterdam. For more information, please visit
For more details on Thermaltake 3D Makers, please visit:

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