Thermaltake Mobile LUXA2 Iconic E-One Headset Holder

Thermaltake Mobile LUXA2 Iconic E-One Headset Holder

Now Available in Champagne Gold and Rose Gold

Taipei, Taiwan June 1, 2016Thermaltake Mobile – LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, launches the new Champagne Gold and Rose Gold color editions of the iconic E-One Aluminum Headset Holder is now on display at the COMPUTEX Taipei 2016, during May 31st (Tue) – June 4th (Sat) 2016 in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4th floor, booth number M110)! Further information about Thermaltake at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016 is available online:

Made from high-grade diamond cut aluminum, the E-One Headset Holder is simple in design yet functional as it is elegant. It is not a featherweight or a heavyweight and is perfectly weighted to provide optimal stability for your headphone with utmost user friendliness. Rubber soles at the base of the E-One further reinforces its solid foundation credentials. In addition, the rubberized padding at the head perfectly conforms to your headphone band as to ensure maximum longevity.


Protect your beloved headphone from accidental scratches, tugged wires and unnecessary damage with the LUXA2 E-One Headset Holder and at the same time, put your headphone in the spotlight with two new stunning color options.


Key features include:

– Diamond cut high-grade all-aluminum design

– No assembly required

– Compatible with all headphones with headband

– Secure and sturdy rubberized base and headband padding

– Available in silver, black, champagne gold, rose gold

– Two-year warranty


E-One Headset Holder suggested price: USD 32.99


Further information E-One Headset Holder is available online:


For more information on where to buy the new E-One Headset Holder, please visit: USA AMAZON :



LUXA2 official website and community websites:



 For further information about Thermaltake Technology, please visit, or contact our customer support at 0800-266-818. About “LUXA2”

Thermaltake Technology was established in 1999 specializing in Chassis, Power Supply, CPU Cooling management solutions, and has been marketed to the world with the “Thermaltake” brand ever since. The brand personality of Unique | Aggressive | Vivid | Stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in constantly creating new, exciting and innovative products for PC DIY, gaming and mobile enthusiasts. Founded in 2010, the LUXA2 Thermaltake Mobile division was created on the principle of modern gents and ladies desire for more sophisticated mobile accessories. LUXA2 answers the need of contemporary fashion with the latest technology; presenting our line with high standard in functionality, value, and style based on minimalist philosophy, clean design, quality, and craftsmanship to sports, travel, and fashion consumers.     


LUXA2 official website:

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