Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Watercooling Kit Review @techwarelabs.

Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Watercooling Kit Review



Heat is the enemy, and extreme performance requires serious cooling power. The Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Watercooling kit is purpose built and brings quality and excellent design to enthusiasts everywhere. 

There are many kits on the market, but today we get to test one of the best we have gotten our hands on. Thermaltakes Pacific RL240 is the icing on the cake, the real deal in water cooled kits. This Limited Edition kit comes with a 240mm dual-fan radiator, a PT40 D5 w/Silent Kit reservoir/pump combo, W1 CPU waterblock, 2 Luna Red 12-LED fans, and more. The RL240 is not for the water cooling newbie, though it could be installed, we recommend you have some experience or have someone to help you who has had experience. Directions are light and minimalist as you would expect with a custom kit of this caliber. Thermaltake includes some necessary tools you will need that they have custom created for their kit. Let’s talk about what you get.

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