Thermaltake ToughPower DPS G 1050W Power Supply Unit Review @nikktech

Thermaltake ToughPower DPS G 1050W Power Supply Unit Review 

At first glance to most people power supply units may not seem to have advanced much compared to the ones we used to check almost a decade ago but in reality most of their interior components have, some just a bit and some quite a lot. Regardless of that however the same “principles” that applied even 10 years ago apply today (perhaps even more so due to the cost of multi-GPU setups) and so we always recommend using good quality power supply units to avoid any unpleasant issues for your hardware and of course to provide optimal stability (especially for overclocked systems). Now as many of you are well aware the safest and fastest way for consumers to “rate” a power supply unit is to check its 80 Plus efficiency certification and although the top of the line Titanium models offer the highest possible electricity savings currently and thus make use of the highest quality components they don’t land far from the Platinum and Gold ones. The ToughPower DPS G 1050W model is one such 80 Plus Gold certified PSU and we have it with us today to see how it ranks in the market.

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