Toshiba DT01ACA300 3TB SATA III HDD [email protected]

Toshiba DT01ACA300 3TB SATA III HDD Review

Toshiba is one of the most well-established names in the electronics industry, and has been in business for over 135 years, with over 40 years experience in the storage industry. Toshiba has achieved many innovations over the years – they produced the world’s first mass-market laptop computer, as well as the world’s first wireless laptop computer and the world’s thinnest widescreen 12.1” laptop. Toshiba spends billions of dollars per year on research and development, and has earned over 27,000 patents in the last 30 years. They have been producing both client and enterprise hard disk drives (HDDs) for quite a number of years now, and continue to produce HDD’s of ever-larger capacity.

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