Toshiba HK4E Enterprise SSD Review (800GB) @thessdreview.

Toshiba HK4E Enterprise SSD Review (800GB) 

What’s this? Another Toshiba HK4 series SSD review? Yes! This time around we are going to take a look at the higher endurance model of the HK4 family, the HK4E. The HK4E is rated for three drive writes per day rather than one like the HK4R. This does come at a cost though, the HK4E’s capacities are smaller due to over provisioning taking up 28% of the NAND, but at the same time it boasts improved random write performance. So, for those of you out there needing a mid-range SATA SSD for read oriented workloads, but also has some grunt to it to take database and VDI use, the HK4E just might be the SSD for you. Read on as we disassemble this bad boy and see how it performs in today’s review.

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