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TRENDnet AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router Review 

 When the Wireless N (802.11n) compatible routers first came out in the market slightly over 5 years ago things were quite simple since the majority of manufacturers didn’t focus in the development of many such models (with a maximum speed of 600Mbps that didn’t come as a surprise really). Some models using two Wireless-N concurrent signals that topped up to 750Mbps did make their appearance but their number weren’t enough to draw much attention. Well all that changed with the appearance of the much faster Wireless AC (802.11ac) standard just over a year ago simply because since then we’ve witnessed the appearance of not one but several different models with support for different total speeds. So although the very first models supported up to 750Mbps (433+300Mbps) the ones that followed supported (and still do) up to a total of 1200/1300/1600/1750/1900/AC2350/2400/AC3200Mbps via two concurrent signals (chances are we will see even more). Today‚Äôs review is about one such product so with us today we have one of the latest AC1900 compatible router models to hit the market, the TEW-818DRU by TRENDnet.

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