Tt eSPORTS Challenger Go Gaming Keyboard Review @nikktech

Tt eSPORTS Challenger Go Gaming Keyboard Review 

LAN events have never been extremely popular where i live but even so over the years I’ve managed to attend quite a few both here and abroad some of which i still remember due to the fun i had there. Unfortunately although eSports in general are gaining ground not many manufacturers cater to the needs of people who attend such LAN events. Sure there are countless gaming peripherals in the market today by a large number of companies ranging from gaming keyboards and headsets to mouse, mats and even carrying bags but most are not really targeted towards use in LAN events but rather by gamers in general. Tt eSPORTS is amongst a handful of manufacturers currently that actually market gaming peripherals primarily for use in LAN events and one such product is the Challenger Go Gaming Keyboard which we’ve been using for almost a month now.

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