TYAN Shows Embedded Server Motherboards to Offer Industry-Leading Performance at Embedded World 2019

TYAN’s embedded motherboards 

The Tempest EX S5550-EX 

Tempest EX S5552-EX 

The Tempest EX S5555-EX 

 TYAN Product Exhibits @ Embedded World 2019

       Tempest EX S5550-EX: 

       Tempest EX S5552-EX:

       Tempest EX S5555-EX: 

       Tempest CX S5550: 

       Tempest CX S5552: 

       Tempest EX S5555-HE: 

       Tempest EX S5557

       Tempest EX S7100-EX:

       Tempest HX S7105: 

       Thunder EX NR38-B3226:

http://www.mic-holdings.com or TYAN’s website at http://www.tyan.com

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